February 24, 2020


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All about the coach of Adriana Abenia and her exercise routine

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We discover who is responsible for the spectacular physique of the presenter, who undergoes, three days a week, a hard workout to keep each of her muscles fit.

Genetics may play in your favor, but we will not take a drop of merit from Adriana Abena. The presenter has a body of heart attack, of which inevitably hoard looks, but she works hard to get results.

Although she has recognized that she has always practiced sports, it seems that in recent times Adriana is immersed in an exercise routine to keep her body as she likes it. Of course, she is not alone in this adventure, she has a trainer who guides her in her exercises.

The chosen one for years is Vero Scotti, a personal trainer specialized in strength and functional training that, in addition to teaching in several centers of the capital, receives three days a week to Abenia to make him sweat the fat drop. And watching the videos that both share of their workouts in their social networks, the sweat is literal.

Tireless gluteus exercises, hard leg routines, painful isometric plates, countless squats of all possible types and countless backgrounds, are part of the series Vero teaches Adriana. Of course, biceps, shoulder, and back are not spared either. And there is no muscle in the body in the morning that Scotti does not monitor conscientiously.

But not everything will be suffering. Adriana and Vero have made very good crumbs, and they always make room for jokes, laughs, and dances. It is the best way to finish a workout!

The results of such hard work are obvious, and although Adriana has been criticized on social networks for expressing her pretensions with exercise and food, she continues to enjoy a healthy life … which has its reward.

Vero is passionate about sports, and it shows. Just by taking a look at their social networks or their website, we see the optimism and the strength that it gives to encourage their followers to train and feed well. Therefore, in addition to offering online sports advice, Scotti proposes healthy challenges for those who show both specific exercises and recipes.