March 24, 2020


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Boost your immune system and to be ready for the COVID-19

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Things to boost your immune system and to be ready for the COVID-19:

Covid-19 hasn’t any antiviral, or vaccine to not spread. The scientists are working to make vaccines for the virus. But for now, the best thing is to boost the immune system. Because it is found that the virus doesn’t attack the person with a high immune system or he is at low risk. So how to boost the immune system? There are many ways to do so.


1)   Taking enough sleep:

Taking enough sleep is useful to increase the immune system. If someone doesn’t take enough sleep, the body doesn’t make cytokines which is a valuable protein to target the infection and inflammation, so it created a robust immune response. When you are sleeping, your body makes cytokines. If you have flu, and you aren’t taking enough sleep, the vaccine isn’t that must effective even in the flu because your body doesn’t respond strongly.


2)   Proper Diet:

Sugar isn’t a good source of food to eat. Some food causes bad bacteria which are involved in killing the good bacteria in your gut. The good bacteria are a source of the robust immune system. So, if you have a weak immune system, and have digestive problems, it means you have some gut imbalances.


3)   Fasting a good source of healthy immune:

Fasting is useful to strengthen the immune system. Five hundred years ago, Paracelsus, who is the famous healer in the Western tradition said: ‘’ Fasting is the most excellent remedy, the physician within’’. From other research, it is said that Fasting for three days boosts ones’ immune system.


4)   Meditation to release depression:

If you have too much stress, it will affect the flight or fight response within your body. So, people with high pressure is more exposed to infections and illness. So, to increase your immune system, one must meditate to get rid of the stress.


5)   Wearing a mask during the journey:

Whenever you go outside, or you are travelling somewhere, use safety measure, especially wearing a mask. There is a high risk of airborne microbes in the aeroplanes. Other than wearing a mask, take additional safety measures such as washing hands and isolation from a person who is coughing or sneezing.