February 24, 2020


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Fitness : 5 myths that don’t work

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The world of fitness is full of myths and fashions that science and experience are refuting one by one. If you want to get in shape, avoid these practices because they don’t work.

1. Abs for a flat stomach

Do not insist: fat is not lost locally, so doing abdominal batches will not make your gut disappear. To the U.S. Army, He has announced that he will eliminate the abdominal routines of his fitness test.

What does work: if you want a flat stomach, opt for “ hypopressive gymnastics, where there is an activation of the electors of the spine and those of the abdomen (the muscle that causes the navel to sink inwards)”, explains Fito Florensa, director and coach of Koa Center.

2. The best to lose weight: train at 40º C

The Bikram yoga classes at 40 ° C with 40% humidity rampaged among those seeking to achieve their ideal weight without losing your breath. Well, here comes the bad news: this discipline is not the best option to lose weight. Unfortunately, the fat does not sweat and to say goodbye to it you have to train, not dehydrate at 40º C.

What does work: if you are looking to lose weight, studies on physical exercise have shown that intensive interval training is the one that manages to metabolize more fat. “When you train short, intense and with intervals, the body continues to burn fat for the next 48/72 hours,” explains Fito Florensa. According to researchers from Liverpool John Moores University, the best result is obtained with the 60 HIIT: do 6 to 10 intervals of intense exercise of 60 seconds with 60 seconds of rest. This system improves, in just six weeks, the body composition, that is, the amount of muscle and fat your body has.

3. Large weights = large muscles

In the same way that doing abs will not get you to look like a jealous six-pack, nor will lifting truck wheels in Crossfit make you have hyperdeveloped muscles. The work of maximum strength, which is the one that develops when lifting large weights, does not help the muscles to enlarge.

What does work: the street workout meets two of the requirements to become a trend this year because it is done outdoors and uses calisthenics, that discipline that uses the weight of the body itself to work the force. “ Training with body loads is a simple way to train outdoors with moderate loads, from squats to floor flexions and plates, everything makes a difference. The basics work, ”says Mario Félix Pantoja, Challenge 48 coach.

4. With going to the gym, just

Tabata, jumping jack, boxing … What it sells right now is to achieve maximum efficiency in the minimum possible training time, or what is the same, that the main part of the training lasts 30 minutes, of which we rest 10, so that, in the end, there are only 20 minutes of activity. But it’s not enough.

What does work: gentle exercise also counts. “A person can spend 0.7 Kcal per kilo of weight and kilometer if he walks at a rapid pace. If you walk 140 km per month (about 4.5 km per day) you spend 7,000 Kcal, the equivalent of 1 kg of weight. And who would not like to lose 1 kg a month? ”, Explains dr. Juan Antonio Corbalán Alfocea, director of the Sports Health Unit of Vithas Internacional (Madrid). The biggest novelty of light training is NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), or what is the same, accounting for thermogenesis produced by activities that do not exercise but increase the amount of activity we do. Coach Rober Sánchez, author of Walk, jump, dance (Platform), proposes very simple ways to increase movement, such as turning the ground into an ally and sitting more often on it.

5. If you don’t suffer, you haven’t done a good workout

Forget about “no pain, no gain” [no pain, no benefit]. “ The laces are not a system to measure the hardness of the routines. The important thing is to generate a stimulus that is optimal enough so that in the long run it generates a benefit in our body, ”says Mario Félix Pantoja. To prevent pain, the intensity, volume and workload must be measured well. Sometimes the difference between a healthy microtroture and a break due to excess intensity is very fine and you have to be careful.

What does work: the shoes are treated by doing the same exercise, with the same movements, the next day … but at a lower intensity. What you should forget is to treat them with drugs (and with sugar water), because both remedies have not shown any effect. Even so, some are not resigned to suffer them and try gadgets such as the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic, a massage gun that ensures that this discomfort is eliminated.