July 1, 2020


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Home. Health. Happiness – 3 H’s Need of the hour.

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Stay Home

The number of Covid19 cases are still on a rampant in few cities. Making use of a Mask is Mandated in most cities around the world, which is the new normal now. Protect yourself and prevent others from spread. The best way to control this is to stay back at home, believe and follow social distancing.


Schools & Kids

Considering the Situation, it is very uncertain on when, how schools and institutions will be opened. Even if opened how will they operate is an open-ended question. Some countries in Asia/EU region are opening back and are experimenting variety of options. Small kids are small kids and it will be difficult to follow social distancing or maintain that extra hygiene needed for Covid by themselves, could be a potential risk. Having said that school districts have always done outstanding job with the help of Government support in this regard and they will continue to do their best to control, prevent and plan for better society.


Jobs & Career

Due to many internal and external situations we are facing in the world, it has become a tough situation for employment. Most of them are losing their jobs and overall, that adds more to the problem. Obviously as the physical presence has taken the hit, online model and resources are picking up largely across all types of markets. New avenues are opening in the Online Model. Work from home which was previously approved with great difficulty has gained importance and possibly could become the way to go for future.

A lot of technology companies are exploring possibilities to adopt this in future. Have to wait and watch.

End of the day, the Motivation is having all 3 H’s- Home, Healthy and Happiness!!