March 24, 2020


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How did the Coronavirus spread

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When people started hearing about the coronavirus, everyone thought that the “wet market” in Wuhan is responsible for the spread of this virus. If you ever visited or watched any of the videos about the wet market, you will come to know the environment there. The dead and live animals included the birds, fish, rats, snakes and other animal to sell. If someone wanted to keep the hygiene level there, still it wasn’t possible because of the dead and live animals.

It’s not confirmed that from which animal the disease spread, but many sources termed the “bats” to be the cause of this outbreak. There wasn’t a single bat for sale in the wet market, but it’s assumed that they might have transferred the virus to chickens and other such animals for sale in that market. Other infections which are spread because of bats are Ebola, rabies and HIV. So, bats are the host of many viruses which contain the coronavirus as well.

Will the spread of the virus be stopped or grow in numbers?

It’s not confirmed that which direction will the virus go, but the infection may start increasing, it will spread to most of the countries near to China. And those countries where Chinese has trades, and Chinese has visited has the risk to have more virus. The disease is likely to spread in many people over time because it hasn’t any vaccines and antibiotics. China is getting control of the virus, but other countries haven’t controlled it yet.

372,658 people all around the world have this virus these days, and the total number of deaths is more than 11,000. Many of the cases now confirmed are outside china because china is getting control of this disease. More than 100 countries have this virus outbreak and it’s getting increased day by day.

Chinese have stated that the COVID-19 patients are 80 percent who don’t need any hospitalization because they have mild symptoms, but 20 percent have the worst situation who require hospitalization.

Following are the countries infected by this virus along with the number of cases confirmed and the deaths.

Countries Cases Deaths
1)   China 81,397 3,265
2)   Italy 53,578 4,825
3)   USA 30,239 388
4)   Spain 28,603 1,756
5)   Germany 23,974 93
6)   Iran 21,638 1,685
7)   France 14,485 562
8)   South Korea 8,897 104
9)   UK 5,018 244


The cases confirmed in china are more than the other countries as 81,397 and the deaths are 3,265. Italy comes on the second number with the number of 53,578 cases confirmed whereas comes first as 4,825 died. Moreover, the list also mentioned other countries infected due to this virus such as USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea and the UK.