July 22, 2020


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Important Natural Immunity Boosters

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GARLIC, ONION & TURMERIC – These three are natural super foods that will help kill the bad bacteria that thrive within us.


DRUMSTICKS – Drumstick is one of the super foods which helps in boosting your immunity and acts as a shield for any virus to grow.


COCONUT WATER WITH LEMON – Intake of Coconut water should always be fresh. When you add half a lemon to fresh coconut water, vitamin C shoots up by 10 times. Once every day, for the next few days, having coconut water with lemon is a must.(Note: Kidney patients should not have coconut water)


RED CAPSICUM – Vitamin C present in Red Capsicum is 3 times higher than the Vitamin C found in an orange. Ensure to have red capsicum in your salad everyday before meals.


PUMPKIN SEEDS – Just by having 3-4 spoons of pumpkin seeds everyday can provide you with substantial quantities of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc which are vital for immune functions.