March 24, 2020


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Is there a cure for the Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus is spreading everywhere, and this disease cannot be controlled. Eight groups are working to find out a proper vaccine for this disease, but still, they cannot find any. It is a virus but it’s shocking as it cannot be stopped with an anti-viral or anti-biotics. People are worried because of this disease these days because it hasn’t a specific treatment and people are dying day by day.

How it gets spread from person to person?

The spreading for the virus is the same as the cold and flu bugs. If someone has infected with a virus and coughs near another person, the infected person leaves droplet through the nose and mouth, which contain the virus. If the other person near him take a breath through nose or mouth, there is a high risk that he will inhale or breathing in the droplets along with the virus.

Moreover, besides the mouth and nose, this virus can be spread through eyes and hands. If someone coughs and put his hand on the mouth and the same person keeps that hand on the door handle, a second person opens the door with the same handle; the virus gets transferred to his hands. Now, if he rubs his eyes or put a hand on his mouth, he is at risk to get that virus, and this is how the virus grows.

If you want to keep yourself safe from getting this virus, you must take some safety measures. The safety measures include cleansing your hands with soap, or you can also apply sanitizer on your hands to kill the germs. It’s crucial when coming from outside because you may have got the virus from outside.

You should take every safety measures because you get this virus, it’s tough to get rid of it because it doesn’t have any vaccine to stop it. Any medication does not work on it. So, it’s better to keep yourself safe. Nowadays, social distancing is imposed on people. Social distancing means to keep yourself isolated from people. Many have lockdown their countries. For examples, Italy, China and other countries have done to keep their nation safe. Additional precaution includes wearing mask and gloves which reduce the risk of getting Covid-19.