March 24, 2020


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Is there Vaccine available for CoronaVirus?

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Countries are competing in searching for the Coronavirus Vaccine first:

As the coronavirus is spreading day by day in almost 100 countries. And there is no anti-viral or antibiotic to stop this disease nor there is a vaccine to finish it, so countries are competing in searching the coronavirus vaccine first. Everyone wants to announce the vaccine in their countries first. The competitors include the US, Europe, Japan, China, and other countries as well.


Many countries such as China, Europe and the US are competing to introduce the coronavirus vaccine in the market first. The vaccine is required on an emergency basis as people are dying day by day.


1000 scientist in china is engaged in making the vaccine for this virus. China is competing with other countries as said by the Wang Junzhi ‘’China will not be slower than other countries’’. Wang Junzhi is a biological product control expert, and he said this at a conference recently. Which means that they are working hard to find out the specific treatment.


The president of the US; Trump also forced the pharmaceutical executives in a meeting to make the vaccine in America first.


China on making vaccine for Covid-19:

China is the first country getting this virus, so it is the first country that started making the vaccine for it. China is working with a US Biotech company to make a specific vaccine for the virus. They are working to create a DNA vaccine, which will be injected into the body of the person to develop a robust immune system and to stop the infection of the virus.


Japan on making the vaccine for coronavirus:

Japan had a new case on 16 January 2020 of COVID-19. The Japanese company has introduced a medicine called Favipiravir which was used for the treatment of flu, but it also proved to be effective in the mild symptoms of coronavirus.


Europe on making vaccine for Covid-19:

Europe has also proclaimed that they are performing experiments on making vaccines. They are trying to test the vaccine at the start of next month.


USA on making the vaccine for Covid-19:

The USA is also trying to be the first one to make this vaccine. The president has pushed the researchers to make America the first soil for the coronavirus vaccine. And there are possibilities that soon they will find a solution to this.


So, all the above countries are trying hard to introduce the vaccine for Covid-19 soon.