March 24, 2020


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Main Source of CoronaVirus

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The scientist is finding out the animal source of coronavirus:


Many scientists are searching to find out which animal source have cause this coronavirus. First, Chinese scientists a few days ago, said that the ant-eating pangolins are the first hosts they doubt to be the cause of coronavirus outbreak. The scientists are doing so to know the cause of this virus and to stop them from further infecting other people. Scientists say that as other virus-host are also animals and they are transferred from animals to humans, so this outbreak is also related to animals.


Another disease such as severe respiratory syndrome is transferred from civet to humans. And, from the study, we found that most infected persons were those who worked in an animal market. That market is in the City Wuhan of China. Tests have been made to know what animal is the primary source to spread the virus.


Three groups of china are engaged to find out where the virus began to spread.


On 7 February, at a press conference, South China has considered the Pangolins to be the cause of this disease. The pangolins are the most consumed animal in China, even in the medicines. China has restricted the trade of animals, but they are still smuggled from other countries. Most of the smuggled animals contain pangolins, and the researchers have found that 99 percent of the same virus genetics as in pangolin are found in the infected people in China. The result wasn’t final, and we cannot say that pangolin is the cause of the virus because both the virus in pangolin and the virus nowadays were almost the same.


There is different news, such as:

  • The virus is the cause of smuggled pangolins whose Virus DNA resemble the virus found in human these days from 85 to 92 percent.
  • Other news said that the coronavirus is the cause of smuggling pangolins which were the same by 90 to 91 percent.


But we cannot consider the pangolin to be the cause of this virus even if the genome resembles the coronavirus by 90 percent. Because many others found that the ‘’bats’’ are the cause of COVID-19 as they shared 96 percent of the genetic material. Bats can be the host to spread the virus in humans. And after that, the virus is transferred from human to human. So, the two suspects are the pangolins and the bats.