March 24, 2020


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Safety measures to be taken against Coronavirus

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What safety measures should I take against the coronavirus?

First, you must visit the WHO website for the latest information and new precautions about the coronavirus. Many people got this virus and recovered, but the situation got worst for many others. You must take some safety measures to keep yourself and others safe from this virus.

Following are the safety measures which should be taken in this worst situation where people are dying because of getting coronavirus:


1) Cleanse the hands after regular intervals:

Do cleanse your hands with a sanitizer or you can use soap and water. Especially when you come back home from outside. Because there is a high risk of the virus in the outside society. Washing of hands with soap or using sanitizer is vital to kill the germs.


2) Isolate yourself from the crowd:

It’s recommended that you should keep at least 3 feet distance from people around you who cough or sneeze. You should follow this precaution because, during coughing or sneezing, the person leaves small droplets from the nose or even the mouth which may be infected with this virus. When the virus comes out with those droplets, there are possibilities that you can inhale those droplets containing virus along with the virus.


3) Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth:

You can put your hands where this virus exists, which is transferred to your hand. So, when you touch that hand on your nose, mouth, or you rub your eyes, they may get infected with the virus. So, you must cover your mouth and nose with a mask and when you sneeze or cough, try to cover your mouth with a disposable tissue or if it’s not available, bend your elbow and put your mouth there while sneezing.

You must keep yourself aware of the latest developments about coronavirus. You can ask your health provider about the safety measures and then follow them accordingly.


Stay informed and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider. You can keep in touch with the national and local authorities as well because they get the latest updates about the existence of this virus in your place. They can also guide you on what should be the safety measures for your area.


What if a person recently visited areas where there is the virus?

Following should be followed if someone visited a place where there is Coronavirus.

  • He must follow the precautions mentioned above.
  • If you feel even mild symptoms, you should stay at home. You should recover and it’s also better for others to keep safe from the virus you got. In that mild symptoms, keep the medical facilities maintained to improve fast.
  • If the situation gets worst and you have a fever, cough and hard to breathe, you should contact the medical health adviser because it can be an infection in the respiratory system. Share everything about your recent activities; your visit to new areas recently, and your symptoms. It will let your doctor to detect your disease and to provide the right treatment.