March 24, 2020


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School Closure due to COVID-19

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Some questions to be answered about school closure due to COVID-19:

There is some crucial question to know if your country is also affected due to Covid-19. If you do care about your child’s studies and exams, you should read the following answers.


1)  What level of education is covered by this?

The school closure includes the children at the nurseries and playgroups, primary and secondary school and levels of education at colleges. It’s applied to all the schools whether government or non-government.


2)  When will the schools and colleges open?

As the Coronavirus is spreading day by day, so they will remain closed until further notice. Note that the closure and extension of additional holidays are for the safety of pupils.


3)  Which schools are included in this closure?

The schools contain every school, whether independent and boarding schools. The administrative department may be opened for important work.


4)  I have a vulnerable child, so can he/she attend the school as usual?

Or if I am a critical worker, still my child can attend the school as usual?

Yes, it’s possible that for most of the critical workers or if they have vulnerable child, they can attend the usual school, but this is so rare. For example, rural schools won’t be opened. It’s also impossible in urban areas. So maybe an alternative sitting for such pupils will be opened.


5)  Is the exam delayed or cancelled?

Some tests such as SATs and A levels etc. won’t be happened this summer.

Other exams are cancelled in some countries while they are delayed in other countries.


6)  What happened to those who were getting free school meals during the closure of schools?

They will still get the free meal but through deliveries.


7)  How will the children get education if the school remains school?

The authorities and school management are working on them, and most of the children are provided with online classes to cover the syllabus.


The government are working for reliable internet connections even in the remote areas, so I think the problem of weak signals will get solved soon.