April 13, 2020


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Social Distancing – A great concept to fight against Corona Virus

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What is meant by social distancing in terms of Covid-19?

Social distancing and self-isolation are the two terms we hear these days. These both look the same, but they are different as self-isolation is if you get the symptoms of coronavirus, you should self-isolate in your home, but if you haven’t even the symptoms, you should practice social distancing. It means you should go out and join gathering with many people because there is a risk of spreading the virus quickly to many people. So, you should avoid going to the cinema, restaurants, parties, clubs, friends and relatives’ house.

What if I should work in the office?

If you can perform the office work at home, you can do it. Talk to your boss that you should do the job at home to stay safe from this virus.

Can I go outside in social distancing?

Yes, if you need something from outside, you can go. You can go out for exercise, jogging or a walk but you should not go to crowds or join gatherings.

You can even meet your friends at their home or in parks, but you should keep 6 feet between you and anyone else. When you come back home, wash your hands for at least 20 minutes. Make sure you haven’t scratch any body part while you were in the park. If you did so, take a shower thoroughly.

As children at high risk of getting the virus, you should take extra care of them. Protect them by washing their hands, and give a shower to them. During social distancing, you cannot go to the gym; you should avoid going to the salon, do not go to malls for shopping (You can do online shopping instead).

What is the purpose of social distancing?

It’s a safety measure for the reduction or eradication of Covid-19. The virus spread quickly from human to human through cough, sneeze. So, it’s not possible to get control of the virus if all the people are going out and gather at the restaurant, mall and other crowds.