February 24, 2020


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This is the best time to go to the gym if you want to lose weight

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Scientifically proven: we finally have an answer to the eternal question of what is the best time to go to the gym. We give you a hint: you’re going to have to get up early.

Everyone trains intending to have their exercises serve to keep fit, gain muscle or lose weight. But what is the best time to go to the gym? Normally we opt for the one that best suits our work schedule, but there is a specific time slot that is more effective, at least if you’re looking to lose weight.

The researchers from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) came to that conclusion, in a study published by The Journal of Physiology. They pointed out that the best time to go to the gym, if you are looking to lose weight, is first thing in the morning and better on an empty stomach.

A conclusion they reached after subjecting a group of young people to a somewhat more caloric than normal diet and exercise, assigning them different time slots to do so. Those who played sports in the morning, before breakfast, did not gain weight.

During the experiment, which lasted six weeks, the researchers also discovered something curious. And it is that those people who had exercised in the middle of the morning, after eating food, increased their muscle mass. So it is something to keep in mind if what you are looking for is not to lose weight, but to gain muscle.

Even so, it should be remembered that in both cases healthy eating should be followed. If you want to lose weight, you should produce a certain caloric deficit (always controlled by a nutritionist), and if you are looking to increase your muscle mass, practicing strength exercises (free weight, lifting …) is an excellent option.

This is the sport with which Charlize Theron has transformed his body

The actress claims that this training has changed her physical form. And the best? It does not require cardio work or kill you to lift weights in the gym. It is something much more relaxing than all that.

Relatively recently, Bombshell was released, the latest work by Charlize Theron on the big screen for which he has trained not only at the interpretive level, but also physically. A film that led her to the Oscar nomination for Best Actress. The figurine did not get it, but what he did achieve was to transform his body in record time and tune it up for his role.

However, to our surprise, the actress has not performed cardio routines, but another much more leisurely discipline, but it offers great results: Pilates. “It has changed my body completely,” he admitted to the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “I am always calculating my physical activity. If I have not moved much during the day, I try not to eat much. ”

A simple rule that applies for years. And, although Pilates is not a cardiovascular activity, it has many other benefits that explain how Charlize Theron can maintain that spectacular physique at 44 and with two children. “When I go to exercise my children always ask me where I am going. I always tell them that I am going to a place to make my heart work well for a long, long time. ”

Pilates classes not only help to work breathing or improve posture, but they also include very focused low-impact exercises, so it is perfect for conscientious toning.

Of course, Charlize Theron also combines Pilates with a vegetable-based diet. “I try not to drink alcohol,” he said a couple of years ago in an interview. “I also try to take vegetable protein, fruit juices, and green salads every day. When I eat healthily, I get enough sleep and I don’t drink alcohol, it’s when I feel better. That’s when I am happier and it shows. ”