February 24, 2020


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This is the exercise with which you will get some buttocks of steel and lose weight easily

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It is the eternal forgotten but the gym rowing machine is the perfect ally to do cardio in a fun way and with very good results in a short time. This is all that paddling in the gym can do for your body.

Surely you do not have many opportunities to grow in a boat unless you have to go to the Retreat every day or have a rowing boat owned, so do not think about it, that machine that is always free in the fitness room, the rowing machine, will become your best ally for your bikini operation and we will tell you why.

A full-body workout!

Unlike the ellipticals or treadmills that are usually most requested in the gym, the rowing machine is relegated to the background where many times nobody looks at it or sees it. However, this machine is a perfect way to do cardio because it is a full-body workout that also works strength and endurance, so you should start looking at it with other eyes.

Rowing in the gym is one of the most complete workouts, why? Because you work both the upper and lower train the movement that is performed is similar to that of a deep squat, you are going to get some buttocks of steel! Strengthen the core, work arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen … what do you feel more like giving the rowing machine a chance?

With rowing more you get to burn more calories than with the elliptical, the bike or the stepper because you are going to work more muscle groups in the exercise. Also, you can do HIIT, interval training high intensity, very easily with the rowing machine so that burning fat is more effective than other machines. Improves maximum aerobic capacity and anaerobic performance.

More rowing benefits

The rhythmic movement necessary to correctly perform the rowing exercise helps to maintain and improve coordination between the lower and upper train. It is a low impact exercise that, although it may not seem like it, achieves greater performance than other exercises that involve more abrupt movements.

Comparing the oar with other cardio machines, it relieves much more stress to the joints. Mobilizes and removes stiffness of the hip and scapula area while working the abdomen to maintain a stable balance and breathing and accompanied by exercise.

Rowing, also, will put you in a good mood since the release of hormones produces that moment of well-being and placidity so addictive. This release of endorphins not only improves your mood, but it also helps reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

This is the correct rowing technique

The posture you adopt is very important to practice the exercise correctly, so you can achieve optimal results and, above all, avoid injuries. Sit in the seat leaving the hamstrings free. Adjust the foot straps so that they are fixed and not loose, so you can perform the exercise better.

To hold the handle do it with both hands separated from the width of the shoulders so that they are in line with them. Stretch the spine, firm abdomen and shoulders without tension and away from the ears. You can start the exercise by pulling towards you and stretching your legs but leaning back a little with your back straight and moving your arms so that your elbows are open pointing sideways, without sticking your arms to your body. Go back forward by flexing your legs and stretching your arms again with a rhythmic movement and without abruptly.

We hope you have convinced yourself that rowing is an exercise that should be part of your yes or yes training routine, so rowing has been said!