June 24, 2020


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Top Healthy and Best Ab Exercises for Women to Stay Healthy

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Just the men, women also have the want to get the perfect looking abs and impressive body shape. To get the most beautiful abs, most of the women take themselves on the way of the exercises routine that is the best way to build upon fantastic ab. So right here we will be adding upon with the list of healthy and top best ab exercises for women!


  1. Russian Twists


On the top, we have Russian twists where you will be performing with the ten reps per side. You will be holding the weight over both sides of the arms without the sake of resistance. You will be going to twist away from the torso to the right side just as until your arms are parallel with the side of the floor. Repeat the same to the opposite side.


  1. Kettlebell Windmills


Kettlebell windmills is another one of the best compound exercises that demand some of the rotations. You will be going to clean and press up with the kettlebell overhead while rotating your wrist. You will begin the bend up with the hip to one side. You will slowly be leaning down to touch the surface of the floor with the freehand positioning.


  1. Hanging Leg Raises


Next comes the hanging leg raises that are another one of the healthy ab exercises. This exercise is all about hanging right as from the chin bar, and then you will be rising with the legs until your legs will be forming the 90-degree angle.


  1. Gorilla Chin/Crunch


This exercise is much similar as in view with the aspect of hanging the leg raising. In this exercise, you will be going to bend on with the knees by making the angle of 90 degrees and then pulling yourself over the crunching. You will crunch until and unless your nose does not reach at the same level over the bar.