February 24, 2020


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Why eating blueberries is good for the eyes and the brain?

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Several studies have shown over the years that eating blueberries is very beneficial for prevention from glaucoma and cataracts to Alzheimer’s.

The properties of this rich fruit are numerous and that is that its virtues highlight its anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant properties, while helping to lower cholesterol levels. But above all, several studies certify that leases are beneficial for both sight and brain, why?

Its high content of vitamin A makes this fruit one of the most indicated for visual health, among others, contribute to reduce eye fatigue and prevent dry eyes. This is possible thanks to one of its components, anthocyanin flavonoids, pigments that have an antioxidant function that helps repair retinal nerve cells.

This same pigment is also found in other red and bluish fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, blackberries … intervenes in cellular metabolism helping to fight against free radicals, causing cell aging, cancer, diseases Cardiac and Alzheimer’s.

Can glaucoma and cataracts be prevented with the help of blueberries?

Cranberries can maintain the structure of the eye because they protect collagen, the protein that creates eye tissues and whose sagging can accelerate the appearance of glaucoma.

Another vision problem that can be prevented by consuming these fruits is blindness, mainly caused by the degeneration of the retina, especially in advanced ages. Vitamin E along with blueberries is a good option to prevent this degenerative deterioration.

Blueberries prevent neurodegenerative ailments and protect intellectual faculties

It seems that the dose in consumption is crucial so that these fruits have a positive impact on our brain and mental health. The cause of this is the high amounts in flavonoids that (in addition to their vision properties) also help prevent neurodegenerative diseases, improve memory and preserve cognitive faculties.

A study from the University of Cincinnati conducted a few years ago where a series of adults with mild cognitive impairment participated, they consumed 30 milliliters of cranberry juice (about 230 grams of fruit) a day, for 16 weeks. The results were an increase in brain activity and memory, compared to those who did not take it. Also, a series of medical tests were performed in which greater cerebral blood flow was detected.

Another advantage for our brain according to another study by the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry is that blueberries influence the decrease in brain inflammation and somehow keep the brain healthy.

The increase in the number of neurons is also another of the great properties that have been shown to provide us with eating blueberries and it is that another study conducted a few years ago determined that eating a daily cup of these fruits improves memory and neuron production in the hippocampus. Likewise, there was also an improvement in the concentration and balance of mental health and biochemical genetic factors that cause depression and suicidal tendencies related to posttraumatic stress disorder.